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Outlook Newsletter

HBCOA Outlook

Outlook on Active Aging Monthly Newsletter

The Huntington Beach Council on Aging publishes the Outlook Newsletter to help keep seniors informed on what's going on at our Senior Center in Central Park and our outside activities. Please download this month's edition for the latest news!

Outlook Renewal Reminder

The 2022 HBCOA membership renewals are now available. Don’t forget to renew your membership before December 3 to ensure you do not miss a single issue of the Outlook on Active Aging newsletter or any of the special event Membership discounts.

You can Renew 3 different ways

  1. By mail using the form on page 2 of Novembers newsletter.
  2. Online at www.hbcoa.org under the membership tab.
  3. In person at the Senior Center in the Travel & Resource Room.