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Our Message


HBCOA at the forefront of aging issues

Officially recognized by the City Council of Huntington Beach as representing its local senior citizens, the HBCOA was awarded non-profit status in 1973 and has always been at the forefront of aging issues. During the design stage of the new Senior Center in Central Park, the City Council directed the HBCOA to provide input related to the overall design of the new center.

President's Message

On behalf of the HBCOA, I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful Huntington Beach summer. The HBCOA and the Senior Center in Central Park have a special event for you this month; the first annual Summer Concert Festival in the Park on Saturday July 21, from 5-8pm. Join us for an entertaining evening of live music from the Smokin’ Cobras, the Habit Burger food truck, raffle prizes, and more.

I want to thank everyone who helped make the June HBCOA On Course Golf Tournament fundraiser such a fun event including our golf chairperson Cathy Meschuk, volunteers, sponsors, and fellow HBCOA Board members. Thank you to all of the golfers who chose to support the HBCOA with their participation. We now turn your attention to the upcoming HBCOA Senior Saturday community festival in September. This free event is a great opportunity to get information on products and services specifically geared to Baby Boomers as well as the
older adult population.

Enjoy this month’s Outlook newsletter which has many opportunities for mental & physical activity as well as social engagement – all of which are critical for staying healthy as you age. Let’s get out and get active!

Ed Pinchiff

HBCOA President

Supervisor's Message

Greeting Friends,

I hope you are enjoying what our summer has to offer. The Senior Center in Central Park continues to provide innovative programs, classes and lectures, as well as our successful Tuesday afternoon at the Movies. I continue to be impressed at the numbers of people coming to the movies as well as the variety of those attending. There are some great stories out there, and film has always been a way to share those stories. Recently, at a workshop, we were asked to tell our story while holding an object that was important to us. It reminded me that everyone has a story out there, some are able to write it down, some are able to act it out, and some use painting and visuals to share their lives.

The Senior Center in Central Park offers a myriad of classes to help get this process going for you. Just a quick perusal of the SANDS, (www.hbsands.org) and you will find - Writing Y our Life Story, Journal Writing, Storytellers with Chris Epting: A Journal Writing Class, Brain Fitness, Painting and Drawing/ Studio Art for painting and Morning Masterpiece for those who want to express themselves through craft  making! Dive-in! Write it down, get it on paper, create – share your story with others. Now is the Time! Enjoy the summer!

See you at the movies.

Randy Pesqueira, Director

SeniorServ Supervisor's Message

Greetings and hello from the Senior Café. July is here and summer is in full swing. There are plenty of tasty menus to enjoy this month including a 4th of July celebration on Tuesday July 3rd with a scrumptious menu of BBQ Mc Rib Sandwich, baked beans, coleslaw and watermelon to kick off the festivities. The senior café will be closed on Wednesday July4th in honor of Independence Day and will reopen Thursday July 5th. There are also many of the favorites on this month’s menu including Kung Pao chicken, Signature Chicken Salad, Stouffer’s mac and cheese and a complete pork chili verde feast. Please come and enjoy the summer with good friends and good food. A friendly reminder to check into the café early to guarantee your spot at lunch. Spaces are limited.

Sandra Yepez
SeniorServ Site Supervisor