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Our Message


HBCOA at the forefront of aging issues

Officially recognized by the City Council of Huntington Beach as representing its local senior citizens, the HBCOA was awarded non-profit status in 1973 and has always been at the forefront of aging issues. During the design stage of the new Senior Center in Central Park, the City Council directed the HBCOA to provide input related to the overall design of the new center.

President's Message


The HBCOA Senior Saturday Community Festival is just around the corner, so be sure to mark your calendar for September 7th!

Did you know that HBCOA members get a discount on trips through the HBCOA Travel Program, lead by HBCOA board member and volunteer Ellen HopeKearns, and a team of wonderful volunteer travel hosts. As you plan for the Fall, I encourage you to get out, get active, and meet new friends through the Travel Program while enjoying our great region and state. Since most of the trips fill up quickly, I encourage you to register early and, if your chosen trip is full, get on the waiting list as we do get cancellations (the waiting list is on a first come, first served basis, and does not guarantee a place on the trip). Ellen and her team have six new trips scheduled for October and November all throughout the Southland. Visit the Travel Resource Room at the Senior Center in Central Park, Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to review your options and register. In the meantime, Shipley Nature Center and the walking paths in Central Park are lovely, local resources for you to enjoy this August and for many years to come.

Happy Trails to You!

Beth Hambelton, HBCOA President

Supervisor's Message

Aloha August!

Welcome to the warmest month of the year here in HB. With daytime avg. of 73 degrees and night time avg. of 65 degrees, we will be hard pressed to complain about the weather. This month, Leos and Virgos celebrate birthdays while wearing their green peridot birthstones. In case you need more reason to celebrate, consider the following observances in August. Did you know Hawaii was signed in as the 50th state by President Eisenhower on August 21, 1959? This month Hawaii celebrates Statehood Day. Happiness Happens Month, for those dedicated to expressing their happiness loud and proud. August 4-10 is National Farmers Market Week where you might find these delicious delights which are all recognized in August: kiwifruit, goat cheese, panini or peaches. August 17th is World Honey Bee Day; thank your producing friends and their keepers by reducing your pesticide use, keeping them healthy and happy.

While appreciating all August has to offer here on the southern California coast, consider the importance of socialization in our everyday lives. Having and being a strong social support is linked to quality of life, including both mental and physical health. There are a variety of social support types; family, friends, neighbors, work, education affiliations, community groups, exercise classes, volunteering, hobby groups, etc. Natural changes in social support occur over a lifespan so it is important to put effort into creating more social support as needed. Take advantage of all the Senior Center, Community Services and the City have to offer when it comes to social activities. Various research studies suggests a variety of socialization can help slow cognitive decline, increase longevity, reduce stress and vulnerability to scams while increasing overall wellbeing. What’s not great about that? So get out there, celebrate and be social!

He la maika’i ia’ oe (Have a good day.)

Michelle Yerke, MSG, Social Worker