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HBCOA at the forefront of aging issues

Officially recognized by the City Council of Huntington Beach as representing its local senior citizens, the HBCOA was awarded non-profit status in 1973 and has always been at the forefront of aging issues. During the design stage of the new Senior Center in Central Park, the City Council directed the HBCOA to provide input related to the overall design of the new center.

President's Message "Information & Updates

At our May board meeting we had guest speakers from a local mobile home community in Huntington Beach. If you’ve been following the news, neighbors in some of those communities have been struggling with soaring rents. While the remedy for this problem is ultimately legislative, that solution has proved elusive on the local and state level. In the meantime, HBCOA has committed to working with mobile home residents identified by the city who could benefit from extra support. Such support may include additional food resources, simple home improvements (especially for code issues), etc.

As we move into the summer, we’re excited for all the events that HBCOA has to offer! We have our inaugural speaker series on the topic of Ageism and also our annual golf tournament. Along with all the other great things happening for older adults in our community, I hope you’ll find a way to connect!

June finds us half-way through my presidency. It’s been a pleasure to work with HBCOA to focus our mission, find new ways to be present to our community, and share some of the vibrancy that typifies people who come to the Senior Center in Central Park.


Your HBCOA President,

James Pike

You can view James Pike's video message on the Gallery page.

Senior Center Message

Hello from the SCCP Team!

Here we are, passing through the year’s half way point! Reflecting back on the past few months, I am reminded of both changes and constants here at the Center. In addition to the excellent ongoing programing, services, and facilities offered at the Senior Center, new classes, events, and services have also started. (See inside the newsletter, hbsands.org, and fliers at the SCCP for all the details.) Early in the year, our recreation centers changed to a new registration software for the HBSANDS.ORG classes and mid-year we have had some shifting and changes in staff. I wish all involved smooth transitions and the best of success in their new chapters! I am grateful for all these opportunities and especially thankful for the SCCP staff’s positive attitude and ability to adap (I’ve learned from others that attitude and adaptability are key to success in life). We are also looking forward to our summer concerts, the HBCOA golf tournament, and other outdoor opportunities to enjoy!

We are constantly working as a team to keep things interesting and optimize the aging experience. To do this, we partner with others who have something to share. Local non-profits, faith groups, individual donors, and volunteers all share their assets, whether it be time, talent, funds, or expertise, to help enrich the lives of others. I truly feel we are partners with our community to serve our community and hope you do too!

Enjoy each day,

Michelle Yerke, MSG

Social Services Supervisor

February 2, 2023 General HBCOA Board meeting at which Fire Chief Scott Haberle and Police Chief Eric Para gave presentations to the Board of Directors. The meeting took place at the Senior Center.

Cathy Meschuck Remembrance


The Spring SANDS

You can register for classes at the Senior Center online at hbsands.org or in person at the Senior Center. Check www.hbsands.org for class schedules and registration. The Hoag Health and Wellness Pavilion is currently open from 8am – 7pm, Mon – Thurs, 8am – 5pm, Friday and 8am – 12pm on Saturday. Social Services including transportation, home delivered meals, and care management are available. Hot lunch at the Senior Center is currently Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:30am. For more information contact the Senior Center, 714-536-5600.