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Our Vision/Our Mission/Our History

Huntington Beach Pier

Our Vision

All Huntington Beach Seniors will have access to services, programs, information, and education that promote dignity and quality of life.

Our Mission

HBCOA will create awareness of the evolving needs of HB seniors and respond with resources for innovative services and programs.

(Note: the following has been transcribed verbatim from original documents produced by the Huntington Beach Council on Aging. The document has been preserved in its original state for historical reference.)

The Huntington Beach Council on Aging came into being following a meeting at Disneyland Hotel, sponsored by the Orange County Council On Aging, which was held July 25, 1973.

Our formation meeting took place in the Lobby of the Recreation and Parks building, at 17th and Orange on July 30, 1973. Presiding as temporary Chairman was Mr. Ken White of the H.B. Library Staff. Others present, Esther Rivelli, Senior Citizens; Gertrude Dandurand, AARP Vice-President; Jeri Pomato, and Dorothy Mehaffey of Grandmothers Club # 823; and Myrtle Stinson, a RSVP volunteer.

Officers elected at that time, Ken White, chairman, Gertrude Dandurand, Vice-Chairman, and Myrtle Stinson Secretary. Esther Rivelli offered to contact Vivian Borns of Recreation to act as advisor to committee.

Second meeting was held on August 13, at the Recreation Center. Guests Nancy Connors, Mary Jane Heitzman, Ann Sousa, Paul White, Joan Hogue, Eugene Hite representing the AARP, the Reverend Marvin Mock of the First Christian Church, and Dorothy Siemann representing the Huntington Intercommunity Hospital. Bill Fowler sitting in for Recreation and Parks for Vivian Borns. Discussions was held on grants, proposals, meeting place, appearance before City Council after approaching the members individually.

Third meeting was held at the First Christian Church on September 10th instead of August 27th as planned. Hilary Kaye, Pilot reporter, was present. Mrs. Nikitman of Library Volunteers present. Education, Memorial Hall use, meeting places discussed. Congregate Feeding was discussed, can be done in city.

Jordan Van Thiel and Esther Rivelli appointed to speak before City Council on Formation of Council on Aging, and recognition by City. Stated that 60% of the population is in the older bracket, many in low income group.

At the 17 September 1973, meeting of the Huntington Beach City Council; the City Clerk presented a communication from Mr. Jordan Van Thiel., member and spokesman for the Huntington Beach Council on Aging requesting City Council recognition as the authorized agency to implement programs for the retired residents of the City.

Mr. Van Thiel addressed the City Council regarding the reasons for the group's request for Council recognition.

A motion was made by Councilwoman Gibbs to officially recognize the Huntington Beach Council on Aging.

Mrs. Esther Rivelli, 10361 Kamuela Drive, City, President of the Huntington Beach Senior Citizen's Club, addressed Council and urged that they grant recognition to the Huntington Beach Council on Aging. She spoke regarding the availability of Federal Funds to implement programs to benefit the community's senior citizens.

Discussion was held between the Council and Mrs. Rivelli concerning the organizational make-up of the group and the need to establish guidelines.

Mr. Kenneth White, Assistant City Librarian, reported that efforts were being made to publicize the group so that all interested persons would be aware of the organization and that it was not the intention of the Council on Aging to limit their membership to omit any group which may wish to join at a later date.

Mrs. Vivian Borns, Recreation Supervisor, Recreation and Parks Department, addressed Council and stated that she believed that guidelines should be established in the matter. She suggested that action be taken, as soon as possible, in order for the group to qualify for Federal funding.

A vote was then taken on the motion by Councilwoman Gibbs to sanction and officially recognize the Huntington Beach Council on Aging. The motion was passed by the following vote:

AYES: Councilmen: Shipley, Bartlett, Gibbs, Green, Coen, Duke, Matney

NOES: Councilmen: None

ABSENT: Councilmen: None

Mayor Matney requested that the Huntington Beach Council on Aging supply the City Council with a set of Guidelines and Procedures regarding operations and selection of representatives.

Next meeting was held in the Administration Annex on Main Street, on September 24th; Gertrude Dandurand presiding. Ken Jones from the School System spoke; plans will be formed in deciding types of classes wanted. Most are not held at H. B. High School. Guidelines and by-laws for group discussed.

Meeting of October 1st, was followed by a by-laws committee meeting. Tom Mosely was present, and placed the format of organization on the blackboard. Group 1. Public, Group 2 Organizations having 200 or more members, Group 3 Consumer group 55 years of age or older. Five members should be brought to general membership for their approval. Paul White present on grants and money. Gave ideas on how to do proposals.

Next steps to be taken, appearance before City Council; approval for H. B. Council on Aging; plans being made to study use of Memorial Hall; By-laws committee working; general programs and needs discussed.

From this time on the group met every week on Mondays, at 1 PM. After some delay, by-laws were sent to the State, and we have our incorporation papers. We were not allowed to use Memorial Hall, but were offered use of Recreation and Parks building with City remodeling it. Plans went on meetings with Dennis Kutch, VTN architect, with promises from Mr. Rowlands that we would get a building, and the offer of land use on the Orange and Pecan site downtown.