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Report Card 2015


The Huntington Beach Council on Aging (HBCOA), is a 501 c 3 Charitable Corporation. Each year it provides financial support and volunteer hours to the Cities Rodger's Seniors' Center and Outreach Center for the improvement in the lives of the Huntington Beach senior residents.

The HBCOA was founded in July 1973 and officially recognized by the Huntington Beach City Council, in that year, as representing its local senior citizens.

The HBCOA Vision is: All Huntington Beach Seniors will have access to services, programs, information, and education that promote dignity and quality of life.

The HBCOA Mission is: The Huntington Beach Council on Aging will work with elected officials, City staff, and volunteers to respond to the evolving needs of Huntington Beach senior citizens through advocacy and direct action on their behalf.

During the year 2015, the HBCOA provided, but not limited to, the following services and activities to the senior community in keeping with its stated Vision and Mission;

Services sponsored by the HBCOA;

  • Donated, to the city, $22,000 to fund a part-time care In 2015 Care Managers served 330 clients, made 1,250 home visits, over 300 office consultations and provided consultation, information and referral by phone over 10,000 times.
  • Partnered with Rescue Alert of California and Care Management to provide, 55 seniors with personal response 48 were fully funded by the HBCOA. In 2015 the rescue alert buttons were activated 40 times in life threatening situations. Donated $9,197

(3) Donated $4,000 in funds for repair, service and cleaning of mobility equipment which is part   of the lending program that provides wheelchairs, walkers, canes and power chairs to 182 people in 2015.

  • Donated funds or holiday meals for 185 homebound and isolated older residents on three major The Rodgers Seniors Center Handy Crafters provided the funding to the HBCOA.
  • Through a special fund available to Care Managers, the HBCOA provided nutritional drink supplements, durable medical equipment, home improvement funds, and additional necessary services to at-risk older $6,037
  • Upgraded computer lab to In 2015 over 700 older adults attended computer classes. $837

(7) Donated $3,160 to reimburse the drivers for Meals to the Home deliveries, for their miles driven.

Activities sponsored and funded by the HBCOA;

(1) Travel program: 787 travelers took 18 local trips

(2) 10 monthly dances for 509 dancers and the annual New Year’s Eve Dance for 140 dancers.

(3) Quarterly line dance parties for 243 dancers.

(4) Screened 34 movies for several thousand seniors at Rodgers Seniors Center.

(5) Bingo for over 3,900 players.

(6) Chair Arthritis class, a 30 member class which meets 2 times weekly.

(7) Healthy Rhythms drumming class with an average attendance of 30 people.

(8) Wii Bowling. In 2015, 875 participants bowled and the Wii bowling team, The Surf City Strikers, competed in several tournaments with other senior centers and residences across Orange County.

(9) Step-Out for Active Aging event during Older American’s Month (May) for 78 walkers.

(10) Seniors Surf Invitational (October) for 74 surfers ( men and women) ranging in age from 50 to 90.


(1) The HBCOA funded $5,865 for the Cities senior services staff to attend training and conferences to increase their knowledge about aging issues. In 2015, staff attended the USC What’s Hot in Aging Conference, The Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and Service, CPRS Senior Symposium, and The International Conference Of Active Aging.

  • Funded $8,259 for a Volunteer Appreciation Lunch at Seacliff Country Club attended by over 200

Budget for 2015

Total Income for 2015 from all sources - $273,998

Total Expenses for 2015 - $275,919

Overhead expense as a Percent of Income - 7.2%