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Donations for HB Seniors During Coronavirus Outbreak


We are a Non-Profit Organization

Please join the Huntington Beach Council on Aging, a wonderful group representing seniors in Huntington Beach. Your donation to Huntington Beach Seniors during the Coronavirus (COVD-19) outbreak.

Please Help by Donating!

The HBCOA is a Non-profit 501(c) 3 Corporation, exists solely to provide programs and services that are of public benefit (Tax ID#51-0179431). Often these programs and services are not otherwise provided by local, state, or federal entities. While we are able to earn a profit, our earnings must be retained by the organization for its future provision of programs and services.

Simply click on the button follow the simple instructions on the proceeding page. Please donate a cash amount that you feel you can afford. If you are applying for membership, please go to our membership page by clicking here.


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Donations for seniors in need from the Coronavirus 2020
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Community Engagement Program

As we all know, the current quarantine situation has had a tremendous impact on our most vulnerable populations- our senior citizens and those who must isolate at home for health reasons. On the reverse of that there are lots of school–aged children at home doing on-line learning as well as adults who have been furloughed at home and are looking for activities to pass the time. The Huntington Beach Fire Department Outreach team has created a program that touches both of these populations. Research shows that taking the time to handwrite anything – from letters to thank you cards – can provide physical and mental benefits such as improved memory and lower levels of anxiety.

What better time than now to unite local seniors citizens with their community to brighten each other’s day in a new program called Senior Pen Pal Connection. The goal is to provide much needed touch points with our seniors and give the children (or adults) in the community an opportunity to help someone who is isolated at home. Not to mention who does not love receiving a letter in the mail.

If you or any member of your family is interested in volunteering to be matched with a pen pal, please send an email to Lorene Ernst at



Awareness of Coronavirus Scams

Research reports that with age comes a higher risk of being victimized by a scam. Individual, contextual, and social factors such as being more trusting, a decline in cognition, social isolation, and lack of info contribute to a unique set of vulnerabilities. Sadly, scammers have hit a new low by taking advantage of fear surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak. Phishing emails, compromised websites, unlawful telephone calls or text messages, and not genuine social media posts are adding to worries. With scam reports surging, take a moment to review these reminders.

  • Do not “accept” (answer) unknown calls on your phone. If it is important, the caller will leave a message and after review, you may elect to return their call.
  • Hang up on ALL robocalls. Do NOT enter numbers using your keypad.
  • Don’t respond to texts or emails about free money or cures for Covid-19 or work from home schemes.
  • Seller and buyer scams BEWARE! Avoid third party sellers, as they may market unsafe products or process payment and not ship the product.
  • Remember, currently there are no known vaccines or cures for this virus. Be diligent and discuss any potential treatment option with your physician before consuming.
  • Don’t click on links from unknown sources. Note: sources that at first glance appear legitimate should not be trusted either.
  • Be wary of emails originating from US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). They are working to resolve a global pandemic, not emailing the public.
  • Fraudster emails may offer investment and trading advice or tax relief, directing victims to a fake website to harvest their financial details.
  • Helping others is commendable, but research before donating dollars. Fake fundraising can be convincing with stories and images that project dire circumstances, but know that scammers do use legitimate platforms like GoFundMe. Again, be safe and help those organizations you know personally.

Report scams and check for updates at ftc.gov/coronavirus.

You can report scams to the OC District Attorneys office hotline at (714) 834-3482.

Coronavirus misinformation tracking is available at newsguardtech.com.


Staying Active During COVID

These are stressful times, I’m sure we can all agree on that. Normally when we are stressed, a good way to alleviate that tension is to go for a run, go on a hike, or do a hard workout. There’s a myriad of research linking physical activity and lower levels of stress. It’s important for us to distance ourselves for the time being, but this leaves fitness enthusiasts in quite a predicament.

Alas, there is hope! There are still steps we can take (no pun intended) to help maintain our health during this stressful time. This month I wanted to give you some exercises to help you stay active during this time that the Wellness Pavilion and outdoor parks are closed.


A 30 - 45 Minute Home Workout


  • A 20 to 30 minute walk outside around your neighborhood


  • Push-ups - three options...
  • regular
  • modified with hands on a bench or elevated
  • structure
  • modified with hands on the wall

Chair Squats - with or without a load...

  • Go from seated in a chair to standing, using only your bodyweight or holding a 5-10 lbs. load. You can use a heavy book or gallon of water.
  • For added difficulty try going from seated to standing using only one leg!

Planks - 20 to 45 seconds...

  • These can be done in a push-up position or on your forearms.
  • For added difficulty try side-planks, which work the side muscles, or “obliques”

Stretching/Cool Down

  • A 5 to 10 minute walk outside around your neighborhood again.
  • Neck stretch - depress your shoulder and bring your ear down to the shoulder.
  • Oblique stretch - standing with one arm pointed straight up, bend to the opposite side.
  • Calf stretch - hands against the wall and one foot forward with the other back.
  • Shoulder/Back stretch - While either standing or seated, bring your arm across your chest while keeping it parallel to the ground.
  • Hold these stretches for 10-20 seconds and repeat
  • 2-3 times!


Coping with the Uncertainties While Physically Distancing

Many of us can’t fill our days the way we did two months ago. While physical distancing has replaced social engagement, don’t let yourself experience social isolation. Keeping busy entails exercising some level of control, and making choices each day will lessen anxiety. Below are some activities that may spark your interest. While technology can be helpful, there are some low-tech ideas too.

HOBBIES: Like reading, puzzles and games, baking or cooking, music, art, knitting, carpentry, gardening, and so on, all help pass the time. Virtual art classes offer fun, socialization, and a creative outlet.

WRITE AND LISTEN: Write a journal, blog, article or a book by sharing the interesting and connected thoughts holed up in your head. Listen to fascinating podcasts or audio books.

WATCH: Documentaries, movies or TV ser ies, returning or not yet seen (Oscar nominated movies, past blockbusters, classics, popular Netflix or Amazon series). Keep up with current news events daily, but not all day, by way of the programming you trust most.

VIRTUAL LEARNING AND FIELD TRIPS: Take free classes from leading universities and companies. Reacquaint yourself to a foreign language learned while in school but have seldom spoken since. Visit tourist attractions like museums and state parks virtually.

SELF CARE: Pamper your self with at-home beauty treatments and relaxation through meditation or other peaceful activities.

CONNECT WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS: By sending letter s and cards, emailing, texting, and calling, voice only or video and voice. There are all sorts of online options available to talk with family and friends.

REMAIN OR BECOME ACTIVE IN THE COMMUNITY: By reaching out to organizations, such as political parties, faith-based groups, and nonprofits. Many rely on volunteers to make phone calls.

ORGANIZE: Closets and junk drawers, setting aside items to donate. While many have more than they need, others are in great need. Many non-profits facilitate the passage of gently used items to families in need.

REMAIN PHYSICALLY ACTIVE: Walk, chair exercises, yoga, meditation. For those who belong to a gym or studio, many are offering live or recorded workout options. Consult their website for more information or search YouTube for exercise videos.